Your Commonly Asked Questions About Facials, Answered


If you are new to skincare, you may have come across facial treatments. Facial treatments are a type of medical aesthetician service that is designed to restore vitality to your complexion. Unlike Botox or facial fillers, facial treatments do not require injections and can specifically target various skin types and conditions.

As a cosmetics center specializing in beauty and wellness in Miami, Florida, we will answer your most commonly asked questions about facials:

  • What is a basic facial treatment like?

    A basic facial involves steam, soft brushes, and hot towels to thoroughly cleanse your face. This removes dirt from the deepest layers without irritating your skin. Toners and a facial mask are then applied depending on your skin type. The final step involves adding a hydrating moisturizer and recommendations for skincare.

  • How many times should I get a facial?

    For those who want to adopt a facial regimen, scheduling a regular facial once a month can provide optimum results and a glowing complexion. If you are new to skincare, the frequency may be higher depending on other factors like sun exposure, skin type, age, and more. A cosmetics center in Florida can recommend the most suitable arrangement for you.

  • When can I see the results?

    The results of a facial treatment can usually be seen as soon as the treatment is done. After the treatment, you will notice your pores become smaller and smoother, more radiant skin that appears hydrated and supple.

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